NORTHWEST CASTING, INC. is an aluminum metalcaster located in Minnesota. Established in 1937 and continuing as a family-owned jobbing foundry, we produce permanent mold and sand castings made in Aluminum Silicon (300-Series) Alloys. Many made for demanding applications that require pressure tightness and extensive later machining. Production complies with ASTM and Aluminum Association standards.

You'll find today’s management team committed to on-time deliveries. Also, you'll like the flat organizational structure that insures a direct response.

Permanent Mold Castings
• Stahl-type, tipper, 3-way
• Wide size range capability
• Commercial grade
Sand Castings
• Green sand molds
• Castings up to 15" long
• Many with cores
Heat Treatment
• T4, T5, T6, T7
• Aluminum alloys
  The foundation of Northwest’s success arises from 50 years experience in producing fluid power castings to industrial, construction, utility and agricultural markets. Today, raw castings flow to a broad range of equipment and machinery manufacturers throughout the Midwest.
Fluid Power
• Mobile hydraulics
• Motors
• Pumps & filters
• Motion control
Electrical Equipment
• Motor housings
• Food grills
• Floor machines
• Winch housings
• Gear cases
• Drive housings
• Latches
• Furniture & fixtures
• Golf course accessories
• HVAC compressor components
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